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Production of springs in wire, ribbon and small metal
parts for all industries and applications
Our Firm is equipped for the production of springs in wire dimension from 0.20 up to 2.00 mm., for the compression, torsion and loops models, produced with automatic machines equipped with computerised dimension control device. We also produce wire and strip articles with automatic forming machines. We follow the customer’s scheme with equipment produced by our Firm using patented raw materials.

"Quality and service" are the ultimate principles of "DE GALEAZZI RINALDO S.R.L." that since 1986 accompanied its supplies by electronic certification. Our instruments allow to certify and to control all the articles we produce.

Since February 2000 we have been certified ISO 9001/UNI EN ISO 9001 – Ed. 2015 with S.G.S. Italia S.p.a.
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